What is IdeaFORGE?

Leaders understand the importance of personalizing a story, whether it is a face-to-face meeting or how we communicate across the globe. It matters. Unfortunately, today’s world is filled with too many expensive videos, time consuming slide decks, duplicate content and effectively scaling a story worldwide is cost prohibitive. Herculean efforts should not be required.

We believe new technologies should streamline how we work, reduce our costs and improve the impact of our efforts. They should create an advantage for your company. IdeaFORGE unlocks your organization’s ability to achieve MASSIVE Business and Digital Transformation Outcomes.

Our platform helps create content, verify its authenticity, make it easy for users to index it into “IdeaBlocks™” and then build an exponential number of stories to share with your audience, in any media format – videos, slide decks, proposals, and more.


Our Idea Level® Information Management (ILIM™) technology leverages existing or new assets within your company to enable better collaboration and delegation by skillset among internal and external teams at the pace of change expected in today’s world. Your team can ensure that consistent answers are provided to customers and employees and you have a verification trail for any changes made along the way.

Your agility to respond improves when you can create new videos, slide decks, proposals or other media in minutes, with just a few clicks, to distribute inside or outside your company. Gone are the days of spending hours creating a single slide deck, or weeks creating a single video.

In its most simple form, our patent-pending system applies a series of breakthrough processes aided by artificial intelligence, which allow us to build content in a systematic manner, allowing users to easily index the content into blocks, tag it by subject header, and effortlessly create highly personalized and relevant stories and deliver more effective answers to your audiences.

IdeaFORGE™ ensures your information is accurate and each story can be verified when it is used. You are now building a “Content Encyclopedia®” within your organization that allows you to more effectively create, collaborate, organize, update, share and track your stories, see which content has been used, and better measure its impact.

Our ultimate goal is to unlock the power of your team, so they can create powerful stories and accomplish more while reducing operational and time costs. We take care of the rest. The real power of IdeaFORGE™ is when it’s in your hands…

We look forward to working with you!

8 Steps for Success

IdeaFORGE Digital Transformation 8 Steps for Success