Turnkey AI™

Iternal’s Turnkey AI™ solution delivers an artificial intelligence (AI) capability that is better than the most well known AI text generation offerings while adding the benefit of seamlessly integrating with Iternal’s vast portfolio of enterprise automation technologies. Iternal’s solution will deliver for the enterprise, a combination of advanced AI capabilities, data security and residency requirements in a scalable, safe, secure, and compliant manner.

Turnkey AI™ solution acts as an organizations’ true single source of truth for all knowledge across the enterprise, and allow the employees to make immediate use of that information to accelerate their work.

The solution will collect and make use of all of the institutional knowledge across an enterprise, contained within sales and marketing collateral, engineering documentation, product and design documents, customer FAQs, training materials, and customer meetings, and beyond; process the data, train the AI, and deliver a seamless experience that is better than the most well known AI text generation offerings.

Turnkey AI™ is plug and play ready to go, out of the box, to handle stages of the AI data pipeline, making it easy for an enterprise to achieve immediate benefits in integrating AI into their business without the complexity of rolling their own AI. The solution would also perfectly integrate into Iternal’s existing ecosystem allowing the customer to realize the benefits of a full suite of Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and Customer Experience AI and Automation technologies.