Enable Digital Transformation through Aligned Automation.

Digital Transformation Success Planning

Iternal® has a robust customer success plan that begins with a comprehensive training and certification course. We have step by step guides for all stages of rollout from initial implementation through gaining widespread user adoption. Our main metric for success is how effectively your organization leverages the Iternal® Software platform to achieve your mission objectives.

In addition to the comprehensive video on-demand certification and training program, upon request your LASER Team™ Captain can provide you with stage relevant project management Gantt charts, example materials, and workshop training sessions.

If you would like additional help with the broader rollout of IdeaFORGE® or the creation of your IdeaBlock content, please see the Content Creation page for more information.

Repeatable and Scalable Transformation at your Pace of Change

We understand that most of the time a significant transformation initiative is something that will require multiple years of leadership through focused and informed decisions.

For maximum benefit to the employees and to encourage adoption, we work with you to identify one or multiple specific business units, departments, or divisions (typically between 100 and 500 employees each) and run a full Idea Level®  Information Management transformation project end to end as a Proof-of-Concept. The Proof-of-Concept (POC) will prove success in the short term and reinforce the potential for long-term value. After the POC, we can work together to implement Iternal’s Business Transformation Vision.

Our method and approach for transformation is highly scalable. Provided the necessary project management resources are allocated, you can make the determination to transform one part of the business at a time, or run multiple projects concurrently. This document outlines a 3 Year transformation period to transform the entire organization, but the pace of transformation can be much faster if you choose .

Undertaking the ILIM™ Transformation is a collaborative effort between your departments & divisions, and Iternal Technologies’ LASER Team. Success is determined by the ability to carry out and deliver on the milestones of the transformational journey. If the milestones of our breakthrough process are achieved, transformation is certain to happen.

Our LASER Team™ will support your team through Leadership, Advocacy, Solutions, Execution, and Results.

Iternal Technologies’ LASER Team works with you to evaluate your current organizational landscape and the trajectory for future technology use. We believe that to fully realize your strategic objectives, as outlined in your annual report, in the fastest and most cost effective manner, your organization must undertake a deep transformation initiative to maintain competitive advantage in the next ten years.

The current pace of change is rapidly accelerating and the hurdles to conduct business the old way will keep getting higher. Organizations must prepare themselves in advance by making calculated and strategic investments in new technologies today, so those technologies can be rolled-out methodically in non-threatening ways so that they become deeply ingrained in your organization’s culture before primetime.

Your approach to investing in these new technologies should be data-driven and fully backed by your leadership team. Begin by selecting the technology and the proof of concept use case, work with your partners to jointly determine metrics/KPIs and how to measure ROI. As the proof of concept becomes successful, engage your employees for feedback to improve and refine the process. Grow the use of the technology over time as the values become known and the initiative is socialized. Continuously iterate on the roll-out process as the technology is embraced by new parts of the organization, and ensure all employees have access to the materials they need to learn, understand, and embrace the new technology.

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