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What is Storybuilding?

Storybuilding is the patented methodology developed by Iternal used in IdeaFORGE® to build highly personalized stories for audiences at mass scale. 

A method for both Business Transformation and Digital Transformation, Storybuilding combines content creation process optimization with software technology innovation which has redefined traditional thinking about storytelling, communications, knowledge sharing and content creation.

The Storybuilding methodology was designed from the ground up to prioritize content personalization and flexibility, significant cost reductions, speed, delegation of expertise, and IdeaFORGE’s A.C.C.E.S.S. Principals (Accuracy, Clarity, Confidence, Ease, Simplicity, Specificity) when building stories. 

Storybuilding relies on the creation of a definitive Content Encyclopedia® to be built within your organization. We begin by indexing the critical business topics like products, services, organizations, investments, etc which your organization is required to communicate with audiences. After we index the topics, we break down critical information about each topic into individual ideas, acting as Modular Components®, and organize those ideas by subject header, we call them IdeaBlocks. This process is done for every media format that information needs to be communicated in: video, audio, slide presentations, text, etc.

Combining the Storybuilding methodology with the IdeaFORGE® software unlocks a powerful purpose-built journey for storybuilding in any media format. Users of the software will be able to add IdeaBlocks in any media format desired and then mix and match their Modular Components to build stories in any of the desired formats available. 

Iternal’s Storybuilding methodology when applied to the content creation space of video production, has decreased the average cost of video production from between $15,000 and $50,000 per video before Storybuilding to a cost reduction on average of 93% after applying Iternal’s Storybuilding methodology. In addition to the cost savings, your organization will now be able to create thousands or even tens of thousands of personalized videos, slide decks and more in seconds rather than minutes or hours.

IdeaFORGE® has been designed to easily enable users to perform Storybuilding for any of the media formats in a matter of seconds. Our powerful software takes the complexity out of storybuilding and enables more time to be spent on tailoring the right message to an audience rather than fiddling with content creation. Now those skilled in the art of content creation are able to increase content output and efficiency, and those skilled in determining the right content for an audience (like a salesperson) can have access to top tier content created by the creators, with the benefit of being able to choose which IdeaBlocks are shown.

The Storybuilding methodology has massive implications for Business Transformation objectives and when combined with IdeaFORGE® impacts how we view Digital Transformation as well.

To learn more about the impact Storybuilding and IdeaFORGE® have on Business Transformation and Digital Transformation click the link here.