Using Digital Transformation to Accelerate Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement Optimization & Acceleration

Every sales team and sales enablement team is looking for ways to improve how they sell.  Here are examples of how we can offer a sales enablement optimization process that is better than what is on the market.

Turn Questions into Opportunities – when a question is asked, it deserves an answer and often a response.  We can identify the top 300-500 questions asked by the sales force about any given product (major products) and proactively create text and audio blocks for each Q&A.

We can then develop response packages for each question of significance that deserves a response.  It could be a short video, a study or other content that we pre-identify and tag, so that as you get the answer to the question, you are also alerted that a bundle of related content is available to consider sending to the customer.

Customer Journey Insights – we tag these questions by the likely segment they will occur in the customer journey, e.g., awareness, consideration, trial, purchase, repeat purchase and more.  This enables the sales rep to also see what other content may be available to share.

Content by Type of Customer – we further break this content into “potential customers”, “current customers”, as well as type of customer (level, e.g., CIO vs. CMO) or industry (healthcare vs. automotive vs. high tech).

Competitive Summaries – we maintain blocks outlining how competitors are selling competitive products, so we can personalize how we send updates to sales reps on key attributes that may be important to sell against.

Most Recent Insights – we let all sales reps know what the most popular questions are being asked or what we have learned that is relevant to them.  This is put into blocks and shared via the private mobile app.

This is just the beginning of a journey to accelerate your sales team’s time to revenue through focused sales enablement.

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