Build Better Keynote Addresses

Keynotes often contain massive amounts of content from a variety of sources. IdeaFORGE helps you easily align and access all major ideas required for you to draft a compelling keynote address. [...]

Keep your Employee Handbook Up-to-Date

Your employee handbook and other HR materials will evolve just like other parts of your organization. IdeaFORGE can optimize how that information is updated and maintained because it all draws from the same source. [...]

Creating The Ultimate Content Roadmap

IdeaFORGE gives you the power of knowing what information is most important and what your audiences want to learn more about. Our Idea Level® structure for unstructured data enables you to pinpoint needs and gaps [...]

Enable your Employees to Communicate Better

IdeaFORGE helps your employees know the best way to articulate ideas by giving them a high-quality source to learn from. Listening to, and following along yourmost talented presenters, employees canbegin to mimic these performances and [...]

Reduce the Expense of Employee Time Waste

Finding missing documents, recreating “lost” content, duplicating work, and digging through multiple versions to find an old slide are just a few ways your employees waste their time. IdeaFORGE’s unique management of content at the [...]

Simplify Proof-reading, Revision, and Approvals

Because IdeaFORGE organizes content at the Idea Level® instead of at a Document Level, content approvals are streamlined.Each component of content is only a few sentences of text, or a few seconds of video/audio making [...]