Nebulous™ Prioritization Engine

Learn how using Nebulous you can:

  • Optimize employee efficiency by up to 230% to respond faster to business needs.
  • Accelerate time to respond and allocate resources by up to 42%.
  • Save up to 63% in downtime costs through effective Severity 1 issue management.

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Steer your organization with the agility and velocity of of a speedboat.

Nebulous can improve employee utilization by as much as 230%, enabling leaders to optimize and rebalance team skill sets and workforce costs by improving predictability.

Nebulous intelligently prioritizes tasks across your entire enterprise, allowing alignment from CXOs to Individual Contributors to work in greater collaboration to maximize the business value of their efforts.

Legacy task management systems are designed to catalog work in isolation, which results in thousands of tasks that are all “high priority” with no clear distinctions. These legacy systems cannot account for the complex nature of modern business operations, personal biases, or that one task may have more business value than another.

Through Nebulous’ prioritization, average downtime impact is reduced by approximately 42% through more effective response.

Through Iternal’s patented solution, and accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, deploying Nebulous as a layer on top of existing Project and Portfolio Management or IT Service Management systems can help your organization optimize its ticketing and task management.

Combine the power of GenAI and Intelligent Prioritization to resolve Severity 1 issues at as much as a 63% lower cost.

Nebulous solves the issues stemming from traditional task systems by assigning business value to each action and contextualizing them across the whole organization, so tasks with the highest business value are prioritized with up to 68 times greater accuracy.

Nebulous aligns the day-to-day activities of an organization with its high-level strategic goals; with the ability to dynamically adjust prioritization based on dynamic, real-time changes in the business. 

Whether you are an executive, a project leader, or an individual contributor, Nebulous grants you the power to ensure every task aligns to the business’ core objectives at all times.

Imagine a Fortune 500 CEO defines the company’s vision and annual business objectives, then management establishes actionable tasks across the many teams required to accomplish those goals. The result is a complex interconnected system with hundreds of dependencies.

Nebulous provides both the birds-eye view for CXOs and the granular insight for managers, aligning efforts across the entire workforce to ensure initiatives with the greatest impact are addressed to achieve those goals.

When the unexpected happens, the businesses best prepared to adapt are the most successful. Nebulous enables an agile reallocation of resources. If a considerable customer opportunity or issue arises, demanding a tactical pivot, in an instant, Nebulous allows leaders and teams to capitalize on these high-value shifts – like steering an “aircraft carrier” with the agility and responsiveness of a speedboat.

The heart of Nebulous is a – first of its kind – patented dynamic prioritization engine. The intuitive system allows leaders to effortlessly resize priority allocations, instantly propagating these changes down to every team in their reporting chain – upscaling or downscaling initiatives or workforce allocations with just a few clicks. 

Nebulous is enhanced by a GenAI engine, which over time, learns how tasks are categorized by teams. As tasks are created, Nebulous uses its knowledge to recommend where new tasks should be assigned within the overall priority hierarchy to maximize effectiveness. 

As a leadership aid for large-scale project management and workforce optimization, Nebulous ensures that significant opportunities are captured, risks are minimized, and outcomes and value are tracked.

Nebulous also offers the capability to monetize and quantitatively assess the impact of various tasks. For example, a simple email login issue may seem trivial in isolation. However, when you consider the compounding effect of similar problems across hundreds or thousands of users, the cost implications become monumental. Nebulous brings these under-the-radar issues to the forefront, ensuring they receive the appropriate response and resources.

From ITSM to project management, every decision is data-driven, every resource optimized, and every employee’s time is spent working toward strategic impact and business value. 

With Nebulous, programs aren’t just managed; they’re mastered.

Welcome to the future of business management – where the agility of a start-up scales to the powerhouse of a multinational, courtesy of Nebulous.

Your ability to radically increase the amount of intellectual property your organization is able to capture, track, and maintain – while ensuring fewer brilliant ideas slip through the cracks, buried and lost forever, will increase.

Through a combination Iternal’s tools, your organization is able to achieve a state of “Acceleration.” Acceleration takes many forms: Business Acceleration, Knowledge Acceleration, and Wisdom Acceleration but each form of Acceleration can increase the effectiveness of your employees in terms of how they work, operate, and engage with customers to a level that was previously impossible.

While deploying the NEBULOUS™ Platform within your organization, it is critical that your workflows and systems are properly integrated to achieve ultimate results. Our LASER Team can support your transformational journey to achieve Acceleration and enable the most successful results while using NEBULOUS™.

NEBULOUS™ allows users to quickly capture critical business information, concepts, ideas, innovations, and other IP generated by your organization and then output useful IdeaBlocks.

NEBULOUS™ has been designed to easily integrate with common business applications leveraging the IdeaBlock® Method. Specialized API development services for NEBULOUS™ are available for custom integrations with internally developed applications.

For more details on pricing please contact your NEBULOUS™ LASER Team™ staff.