LASER is an acronym for Leadership, Advocacy, Solutions, Execution, and Results all of which are critical to an outstanding customer experience. At Iternal, LASER Team™ doesn’t maintain the relationship with the customer. The Iternal LASER Team™ grows the relationship, deepens the connections, and expands our partnership with every customer to ensure their continued success. The LASER Team™ Admin Panel enables our experts to partner with your organization to deliver a successful rollout of technology across the organization.

LASER Team™ provides leadership, advocates on behalf of the customer to the Iternal team, develops solutions, provides assistance in execution, and delivers results for our customers. The LASER Team™ also innovates new applications of the IdeaFORGE platform by collaborating with our customers to understand their goals, objectives, and challenges, and translate into actionable solutions.

Iternal’s LASER Team™ is made up of the best and brightest talent who perfectly combine the technical understanding of the IdeaFORGE with the business applications and relationship skills to lead our customers to excellence. 

The LASER Team’s™ brilliant team members inspire confidence and trust whereby the customer can view their IdeaFORGE LASER Team™ representative as a mission critical relationship and trusted advisor required to achieve their own objectives.

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LASER Team Captain (Principal Solutions Consultant), Professional Services Job Description

General Experience:

7+ years of experience leading complex, large-scale, IT or technical or engineering programs and projects with, in some cases, 3 years of experience of transformation initiatives, technology implementation, and /or SaaS based software solutions or equivalent experience

Functional Responsibility:

The LASER Team Captain is responsible for enacting meaningful Business Transformation by joining the Customer’s world with the breakthrough technology developed by Iternal Technologies.

  • Act as a trusted advisor who gains a deep understanding of client strategic priorities, key business objectives and assists them in realizing these objectives.
  • Drive client education of Iternal Technologies software and foster new ways/use cases that enable them to maximize the platform’s value
  • Leading the Customer Lifecycle (customer onboarding & implementation, through adoption, enablement, and renewal achievement). Maintain long-term perspective and vision for how Iternal becomes fully integrated into the customer’s business processes
  • Leverage a data driven approach maximizing Iternal’s value to the Customer by quantifying decisions with available telemetry data & analytics, sharing of best practices, addressing business questions, accelerating the customer journey, delivering frictionless deployment, ensuring our customers capture the full potential and sustainable business advantages of Iternal’s software

Minimum Education:

Bachelor’s Degree in science, technology, engineering, math, business, or equivalent experience