IdeaBlock® Creator Portal

IdeaBlock® Creator Portal

As your organization begins to take the first steps in the IdeaFORGE® transformational journey, it will be critical to enable your employees with a strong foundation of content to leverage within IdeaFORGE. The IdeaBlock® Creator Portal enables creative teams within your organization such as marketing teams, communications teams, and sales enablement teams to be able to quickly and easily create IdeaBlocks® within IdeaFORGE.

What is an IdeaBlock®?

An IdeaBlock is any self-contained concept or idea about a topic, for example your company, products, services, etc. 

An IdeaBlock is typically 2 – 3 sentences in length or 15 seconds of video. 

One Question, One Answer, One Idea, One IdeaBlock.™

Here’s an example:

IdeaBlock® Name: “Company Mission Statement”

Critical Question™: “What is the Mission of your organization?”

Trusted Answer™: “We are transforming the way organizations share, consume, interact with, and experience information.”

Additional Services:

In addition to providing a streamlined software technology to allow users to easily create IdeaBlocks® within the IdeaBlock® Creator Portal, our team also offers training on how to create a collection of high quality IdeaBlocks® from scratch through a webinar training offering.

Our team is also capable of providing in person professional and consulting services to create your IdeaBlocks® for you. Lead by our team of IdeaBlocks® Certified Experts, we will analyze your content, understand your business objectives, and develop a strategy for what needs to be communicated in each IdeaBlock® to lead to ultimate communication success.