What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation Technology

Digital transformation is using digital innovations to optimize business processes at it’s finest. As the world of SaaS, Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning mature, the depth of value the bring to businesses is increasing at an immense pace. 

Going through Digital Transformation means your organization is optimizing business processes, through the use of technology and softwares to streamline operations, improve efficiency, shorten the customer’s time-to-value, automate repetitive tasks, and more proactively engage with customers in a meaningful way. 

Digital Transformation’s Objectives

At the end of the day, the goal of Digital Transformation is to enable the customer to have a better experience, all of the cost savings and efficiencies your organization experiences on the back end is gravy.

A great customer experience starts with a simple straightforward and easy journey. In many cases organizations who begin the Digital Transformation process start with a complete redesign of their processes and methodologies, relying more heavily on technology rather than “drone” employees. 

Digital Transformation is a great benefit to employees too. Repetitive and boring tasks are reduced through technology, and more employee time can be spent on the things they are good at, and passionate about. 

The digital world is evolving at a staggering pace, and in-world of same day delivery and one click video conferencing, the consumer has been trained to expect instant gratification. While the enterprise space has been able to maintain some separation from this idea, the gap is closing, and soon all customers will expect the same level of care, support, and speed that comes from their favorite B2C companies.

In addition to technology, data is a huge part of Digital Transformation. Our ability to collect, process, and gain insight from data is redefining how we are able to engage with our customers. 

Digital Transformation Software

One of the keys behind successful Digital Transformation is going both wide and deep in the change. If your organization adopts a new technology that allows you to predict customer needs at a much higher level or accuracy, but you can’t send them the right content to complete the transaction, your Digital Transformation has failed. You must be able to journey through the entire customer experience and do so in great detail for truly effective and powerful transformation to occur. 

Transformation means radical, massive changes, but those changes can still be calculated and precise. In some cases the biggest changes are made at an almost imperceptible level, but deliver just as much value. Like changing how information is captured within your organization, or the process by which your employees capture and act on customer insights. 

Digital Transformation Business Communications

In most cases, successful Digital Transformation must have complete executive leadership mandate or buy-in. All departments should be expected to contribute to the transformation and actively adopt the new strategies put into place. 

Not all organizations are “ready” to go through a Digital Transformation. In many cases people are fearful of being replaced by machines or losing clout within the organization because half of their team has been reassigned due to new efficiencies. Either these internal resistances are pushed through, or the organization is in enough pain to make it necessary. In other cases in the perfect storm, everyone within the organization recognizes that you are all on a single team, and a win for the team is a win for everyone. Regardless of which side of the coin your organization lands on, the key is to execute on Digital Transformation rapidly, with focus and motivation, because the last thing you want is to be the last hold-out and suddenly years behind your competition wondering what happened.

Digital Transformation Digitization

 There are many significant impacts that Digital Transformation can have on an organization but some of the biggest are:

Faster Speed to Response

Giving customers the quality experience they expect with a fast and decisive engagement plan will improve customer confidence in your brand.

Financial Upperhand

While there is an initial investment required for most Digital Transformation to be successful, depending on the scope and scale these investments can be recovered in a matter of months after being implemented, and that savings can be immediately turned around to invest in more transformation or new innovations that will lead the new day within your organization.

Accelerated Innovation

Bureaucracy is reduced and institutionalized ego and politics that interrupt business decisions are eliminated by using data and results to drive decision making.

Strategic Advantage

Your team is already primed to execute on the executive team’s vision, making precise and rapid course adjustments much easier to carry out, this will allow you to out think and out maneuver your competition.

Streamlined Operations

Operational efficiencies gained from Digital Transformation will enable your organization to be more effective in rolling out new initiatives, and the process improvements for existing actions will save time and money that can be reinvested into the business.

Unified Team and Vision

A unified vision and collective team spirit are key to making sure your organization lives on for the long term. Digital Transformation will aid in understanding the cohesiveness of your team and highlight the true leaders within your organization.

Greater Employee Productivity

Less time will be wasted which directly translates to a more productive workforce. Digital Transformation should enable your teams to delegate responsibilities by skillset in an effective way so the sales person is always selling, and the writer is always writing.

Enterprise Transformation Digital Technology

Digital Transformation Softwares and Digital Transformation Tools exist to support in the change management. IdeaFORGE® has been designed to be a leader in an organizations digital transformation technology stack, facilitating in a more effective execution and pace of change.

Digital Workforce Transformation

Digital Transformation and IdeaFORGE

Digital transformation ensures businesses can quickly engage with customers and provide accurate, relevant, and timely information. IdeaFORGE’s Storybuilding technology allows organizations to personalize and scale their stories worldwide in seconds, for any media format. Whether Video, Slide Deck Presentations, Audio, or Text. Our technology ensures your best and brightest are spending as much time as possible doing what they do best, and easily engaging with customers using authorized content.

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