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Press Release Automation

Press Releases: An analysis of our customer base shows an average reduction in time of 95% to generate an output in this format. Automation through IdeaFORGE results in an average time savings of 4.75 hours per output in this format, and an average work product acceleration of 20x the legacy method.

Iternal’s platform allows users to easily select Modular Components® of content called IdeaBlocks® and quickly assemble them into a desired output fully automated.

Automate 40-70%

Press Release Content Creation

Save ≈92%

of Time and Information, Content, and
Knowledge related OPEX

What’s Press Release Automation Marketing Enablement

Large organizations output a substantial number of press releases. These releases must follow a standardized format and use on brand on message content. Leveraging a Modular Component® approach to press release creation can accelerate the review and approval of press releases significantly.

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Automating Press Release Communications

Iternal’s Press Release Marketing Automation capability accelerates marketing and communications teams by automating the curation and assembly of key business information, subject matter expertise, and on-brand accurate up-to-date content across all foreign languages.

  • Maintaining multiple different versions and variations of information based on industry verticals, customer segments, personas, roles and responsibilities, or other types of communication that require personalization; previously multiple different redundant copies of information was required to exist for each variation. This causes substantial overhead when managing, maintaining, and updating key information as part of the content lifecycle.
  • Sharing and collaboration of information across departments using legacy systems is a challenge because typically each department operates within their own technology data silos. Sales has their own dedicated systems and Marketing also maintains their own dedicated systems, with little to no cross communication. Departments cannot effectively collaborate and leverage the brain power of different departments through multiple data silos. This leads to substantial duplication of work when the left and right hands are not communicating. This same problem extends to all departments and actually compounds the problem.
  • Much like sharing information across departments, the same barriers exist in sharing content across multiple different languages. Duplication of work is prevalent and often times a region of the world is left to reinvent the wheel each time a need arises. [This problem could be solved by enabling all languages to share and exchange content through an easy translation system that is standardized across all departments.] 
  • Global enterprises who have offices both at a headquarters and regional offices around the world (or any type of international workforce) all suffer from issues caused by time differences. Most document and information sharing still happens via email or instant messaging, which means if you need a piece of data in an Asian time zone from some subject matter expert who resides in a USA time zone it is likely that they will not see your request or even be able to provide the information to you for at least 12 hours. Additionally while that information may be available in certain circumstances, it cannot be easily translated into the appropriate language in a time efficient manner. For time sensitive responses to customers, this time delay is not always possible, and leads to teams having to pursue alternative methods of accessing or acquiring the important information – leading to more time wasted, recreation of work, and duplicative or diminished quality content.
  • One of the most prevalent issues of large enterprise organizations is enabling employees to know that somewhere in the organization a Product / Solution / Service exists, that can be offered to solve a customer problem, or the existence of a certain internal application, method, or policy for doing specific work. Without the knowledge that something exists, no matter how great it may be, the employee cannot capitalize on what is available. This leads to potentially lost revenue, duplicative work to “reinvent the wheel”, and an increase to general lag times as the organization struggles to onboard new hires with all the information they need to be a seasoned employee.

*Numbers are approximated based on average metrics from use cases with previous customers, actual numbers may vary by customer depending on use case and number of IdeaBlocks.

MASSIVE Outcome® Statistics


Velocity Acceleration

4.75 Hours

Saved per Output Automated


Reduction in Time


Avg. per Hour of Effort Automated

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