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HR Employee Training, Onboarding and Education Automation

HR Employee Training, Onboarding and Education: An analysis of our customer base shows an average reduction in time of 94% to generate an output in this format. Automation through IdeaFORGE results in an average time savings of 11.5 hours per output in this format, and an average work product acceleration of 24x the legacy method.

Iternal’s platform allows users to easily select Modular Components® of content called IdeaBlocks® and quickly assemble them into a desired output fully automated.

Automate 40-70%

HR Employee Training, Onboarding and Education Content Creation

Save ≈92%

of Time and Information, Content, and
Knowledge related OPEX

What’s Human Resources Employee Training, Onboarding and Education Automation Sales Enablement

HR training materials are critical to maximizing seller performance. The key requirement for HR materials is that they are relevant, easy to consume, and support new or existing employees in performing at their maximum. Common forms of Human Resources training materials include:

  • Playbooks
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Testing & Evaluations
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Automating Human Resources Enablement

Iternal’s Human Resources Employee Training, Onboarding and Education Automation Human Resources Enablement capability accelerates Human Resources teams by automating the curation and assembly of key business information, subject matter expertise, and on-brand accurate up-to-date content across all foreign languages.

Most Human Resources materials are limited in efficacy for a number of reasons but most of all it is difficult to continuously maintain and update all versions and variations of training materials as the Human Resources process evolves. Other common challenges with organizations managing Human Resources Training & Onboarding Materials include:

  • Training materials take many forms but most commonly are in written form via playbooks or slide decks. More advanced organizations are starting to move into learning focused on audio and video materials but these efforts are hindered by traditional issues accompanying these media formats which include high complexity and specialized skill sets required to create and update the materials as well as a time consuming creation process.
  • Training materials vary in length but on average tend to be 15 – 30 pages of text, 20 – 50 slides, or multiple 15 minute video or audio clips. The amount of information varies widely based on the organizations complexity and the number of products / services / solutions the employee is responsible for presenting.
  • Distribution applicable Human Resources training materials for each individual job description without providing extraneous, irrelevant, or unnecessary information
  • Providing training materials in a format that the employee can easily learn from and digest given different learning requirements (watch, listen, read, mimic).
  • Providing the same level of quality training materials across languages
  • Effectively updating the applicable training materials and product information in all locations across time
  • Tailoring Human Resources materials to the individual job description
  • Making an employee aware that training materials exist in the first place, often times these materials will go unknown or unnoticed due to the vast amount of onboarding content available.

*Numbers are approximated based on average metrics from use cases with previous customers, actual numbers may vary by customer depending on use case and number of IdeaBlocks.

MASSIVE Outcome® Statistics


Velocity Acceleration

11.5 Hours

Saved per Output Automated


Reduction in Time


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