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Content Creation Services

If desired, Iternal can provide your organization with IdeaBlock® content creation services.

An IdeaBlock® is any self-contained concept or idea about a given topic. Each IdeaBlock® Modular Component® can be mixed and matched with other IdeaBlocks™ to tell different types of stories. A IdeaBlock® is typically 2 – 3 sentences in length or 15 seconds of video. An example of an IdeaBlock® would be the Company Mission Statement, or the Key Benefits of a product or service.

Creating a set of IdeaBlocks™ is much more efficient and cost effective than creating traditional old-style content because there is significant increased flexibility in how the IdeaBlocks can be mixed and matched to build personalized stories.

IdeaFORGE’s™ patented methodology and ACCESS™ Principals (Accuracy, Clarity, Confidence, Ease, Simplicity, and Specificity, from all key departments and contributors) to ensure user create and quickly have access to the highest-quality, most relevant information they need. 

Iternal owns the best filmmaking equipment in the industry. We will use our world-class equipment to ensure the best possible quality. Live action video will be shot using the RED Epic-W 8K Cinema Camera – the newest generation of cameras used to film many major Hollywood films (including the Hobbit, Transformers, Avatar, 300, and many more).

Iternal will record audio using the best microphones in the industry made by Wunder Audio (used by Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and many more).

IdeaBlocks™ will be filmed and mastered in up-to 8k 16×9 aspect ratio, 17x the resolution of 1080p HD. The RED Epic-W 8K camera will ensure the highest quality image and color will be able to be pulled from the footage captured. Creating the video in such a high resolution will future proof the content and ensure the final video content will not fall behind the technology curve for many years to come.

Visually, the content will be clean and professional, with efforts being made to ensure the content aligns with your brand guidelines and organization ethos.