Content Creation Services at Scale

Iternal can provide your organization with IdeaBlock® content creation services.

Iternal patented uses AI and Automation solutions to deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time, with detailed analytics and insights to strong customer ROI.

All customers are bombarded with information.  A differentiator is needed to cut through the noise.

Iternal’s innovative hyper-personalized video content generation solution is designed to significantly increase customer engagement, by as much as 13 times (1300%) a generic video.

These metrics were derived from A/B testing with numerous Fortune 500 customers across many thousands of recipients showing that hyper-personalized videos resonated more deeply with each individual viewer.

The videos feature real humans – any customer employee or executive leader. Through brand and legally compliant production efficiencies, the customer can produce hundreds or thousands of videos from a library of Modular Component® video clips for a fraction of the cost and with the same time commitment required to create a handful of videos the old fashioned way.

Examples of tailored video messaging include but are not limited to: the viewer’s first name, their specific job role, industry vertical, pertinent business hurdles, and desired call to action; ensuring the message is not just seen but felt and acted upon.

Through Iternal’s patented solution, each video is assembled using Modular Components® of video content to address the viewer’s most pressing issues, making the content irresistibly engaging and significantly boosting viewer retention.

This personalized touch not only captivates the audience but also elevates the perceived value of the content due to its high production quality and personalized nature, reinforcing the company’s commitment to its clients. The high-quality production conveys a sense of luxury and exclusivity, showing clients they are highly valued.

Example of the Video Production Workflow Process (includes both Iternal and Customer Responsibilities)

Patented IdeaBlock Technology

Iternal’s system delivers outstanding performance through the use of a patented Modular Component® technology called IdeaBlocks®. IdeaBlocks are modular video clips, each on average 8 to 15 seconds in length. IdeaBlocks can be longer or shorter segments of video depending on the customer’s discretion.

Content Scale Benefits

One recording session following Iternal’s methodology can be used to create tens of thousands of videos, with interchangeable content that can be reused for other customers with the necessary brand and legal compliance approvals.

Capturing personalized greetings of the most common 200 names for a business executive demographic gives the ability to send a personalized video greeting, greeting each person by their first name (provided it is one of the names recorded), to approx. 500,000 CXOs & VPs by first name who live in the USA for companies exceeding $100M in annual revenue.

Video Presenter Time Commitment

For a skilled presenter between 100 and 200 Video IdeaBlocks can be recorded in an hour.

How Production Efficiencies are Achieved

Recognizing the unique needs and challenges of our diverse clientele, this Iternal solution enables extensive tailoring of video content based on a dataset, programmatically, scalable to any number of parameters (IdeaBlocks) per video.

Customer’s IdeaBlocks can be reused across multiple videos in new ways for multiple clients and to communicate different and unique messages with little to no additional effort.

In minutes, IdeaBlocks can be assembled into thousands of brand approved, professional hyper-personalized video messages, programmatically using AI and a Dataset.

200 – 300 Reusable Modular Video Components Recorded can create thousands of permutations of videos based on each recipient’s unique interests.

These video messages can be assembled programmatically (from the brand approved Video IdeaBlocks) at scale via a dataset and mixed and matched to communicate different messages to different people, allowing the video presenter to engage via personalized video in a highly scalable manner with no incremental time investment beyond the initial filming process.

The Marketing / Communications team will have control over the review, distribution, and use of any videos assembled using this approach.

Over time, the library of content could be expanded to add new content, supplemented with other customer employees or CXOs, and such content could be reused multiple times for greater ROI and time savings to communicate new messages faster.

Because the content is modular, not every Video IdeaBlock will be used in every video. The recommended goal is to capture the most versatile content to scale the presenter’s reach and allow for future optionality in a controlled and on-brand manner.

Future Scalability with Generative AI Video and Digital Human Video

The platform is also ready out-of-the-box today to support Generative AI video and Digital Human Video. While today Generative AI video and Digital Human Video is not high enough quality to deliver the same result as live action videos, when such capabilities become high enough quality for personalized executive communications, the platform can immediately support such function, leading to an even greater scale of video content production.

Benefits of Scaling CXOs through Video

What sets this strategy apart is the ability to significantly scale the time of senior executives, such as the CEO, via personalized video messages. The reusability of the video means no incremental investment is required beyond the initial recording, and yet the personalized video clips can be used hundreds, thousands, or even millions of times. From our experience a CXO can spend 1 hour filming and capture enough content to engage with as many as tens of thousands of individuals, depending on the targeted demographics.

The CXOs presence in the videos adds a layer of prestige and personal touch that is unparalleled, making each recipient feel uniquely acknowledged by the highest echelons of the company. This rare access to senior leadership not only enriches the content but also fosters a deeper emotional connection with the brand.

The outcomes of this Executive-Led Hyper-Personalized Video Engagement Strategy are compelling: a 13 times (1300%) increase in engagement rates as the message resonates on a personal level, leading to heightened customer loyalty and sustained business growth.

An IdeaBlock® is any self-contained concept or idea about a given topic. Each IdeaBlock® Modular Component® can be mixed and matched with other IdeaBlocks® to tell different types of stories. A IdeaBlock® is typically 2 – 3 sentences in length or 15 seconds of video. An example of an IdeaBlock® would be the Company Mission Statement, or the Key Benefits of a product or service.

Creating a set of IdeaBlocks® is much more efficient and cost effective than creating traditional old-style content because there is significant increased flexibility in how the IdeaBlocks can be mixed and matched to build personalized stories.

IdeaFORGE’s® patented methodology and ACCESS™ Principals (Accuracy, Clarity, Confidence, Ease, Simplicity, and Specificity, from all key departments and contributors) to ensure user create and quickly have access to the highest-quality, most relevant information they need.

Iternal owns the best filmmaking equipment in the industry. We will use our world-class equipment to ensure the best possible quality. Live action video will be shot using the RED Epic-W 8K Cinema Camera – the newest generation of cameras used to film many major Hollywood films (including the Hobbit, Transformers, Avatar, 300, and many more).

Iternal will record audio using the best microphones in the industry made by Wunder Audio (used by Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and many more).

IdeaBlocks® will be filmed and mastered in up-to 8k 16×9 aspect ratio, 17x the resolution of 1080p HD. The RED Epic-W 8K camera will ensure the highest quality image and color will be able to be pulled from the footage captured. Creating the video in such a high resolution will future proof the content and ensure the final video content will not fall behind the technology curve for many years to come.

Visually, the content will be clean and professional, with efforts being made to ensure the content aligns with your brand guidelines and organization ethos.