Iternal announces major successes with Dell Technologies creating $650 Million in new opportunities, NVIDIA, and AMD

Improve Management of Documentation

Maintaining consistency in documentation across releases can be an extreme challenge especially when multiple media formats are used. IdeaFORGE® makes cross format management easy because of our unique Idea Level® management methodology.

Spend Less Time Repairing Miscommunications

The accuracy of content within IdeaFORGE® helps reduce the chance that a miscommunication will occur. Using IdeaFORGE® your employees will be better aligned, your content will be better aligned, and consistency will be achieved throughout the customer experience.

Never Break the Storytelling Flow

Compelling interactions take audiences on a journey. IdeaFORGE® helps you build stories that flow and motivate. Regardless of your employees skill level IdeaFORGE® will give them the tools to make sure they build stories that don’t break the flow.

Create Custom Video Response to Every Customer Interaction

IdeaFORGE’s powerful story building technology makes it easy to build personalized video content for every customer interaction. We make it easy for you to build a personalized video response to a questionon posted on social media or sent via email.

Add Content to More Touchpoints in the Customer Journey

Creating custom content used to be expensive and time consuming. With IdeaFORGE® it is incredibly easy to build custom content for more stages of the customer journey. Easily build relevant and specific content for everyinteraction and meeting.

Content Optimized for Learning and Understanding

IdeaFORGE® content has been designed to optimize learning and understanding. By breaking content down into easy to understand components, your audience will be able to get more value out of the stories you build.

Faster, Easier, and Higher Quality User Manuals

Imagine being able to build higher quality user manuals while using existing content. In combination with IdeaFORGE’s FAQs and Webinars your User Manuals will be able to provide better information in a more digestible way.

Build Better Knowledge Management FAQ’s

Before, FAQs cast a broad net of information with uncertain relevance. Now you can create better and more effective knowledge management. IdeaFORGE® brings clarity and organization to major customer questions in a reliable and easily searchable way, without requiring dedicated FAQ Knowledge management.

Improve the functionality of your Content Management System (CMS)

C Content Management Systems were designed to manage documents and files. Issues arise when there are multiple media formats of that file (Text, Video, Slides, etc). IdeaFORGE® can feed your CMS allowing you to organize all content and keep it updated across media formats.