Iternal announces major successes with Dell Technologies creating $650 Million in new opportunities, NVIDIA, and AMD

RFP, RFI, and other Enterprise B2B Sales Documents

RFP (Request for Proposal) and RFI (Request for Information) documents are two of the most common forms of document requests that are encountered in enterprise sales and B2B sales. Further in the procurement process you will also encounter the requirement for statement of work documents. Here we will unpack each of these types of [...]

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IdeaFORGE’s Content Encyclopedia® can contain, and make easy to find, every major question and answer. Your Builders will be able to build stories faster by having the right content at their fingertips, without the need to edit or modify.

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Live content in IdeaFORGE, whether text, video, slides, or audio, is accurate, high-quality, specific, and focused. Once content goes live it can be used by anyone who is authorized. Empower anyone communicating on behalf of your company to find and be able to use the best content available.

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Qualification begins with both parties understanding each other. Improve the speed at which you can qualify an opportunity by making available accurate, relevant, and specific information to your prospect.

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C Content Management Systems were designed to manage documents and files. Issues arise when there are multiple media formats of that file (Text, Video, Slides, etc). IdeaFORGE® can feed your CMS allowing you to organize all content and keep it updated across media formats.